Best Wood Thickness Planer In 2022/2023

Best Wood Thickness Planer

What is the best wood planer for you? It might be a fixed benchtop planer or stationary planer for a workshop or home, or maybe you need something more portable like a power handheld planer for site. Some people even still use the old school manual jack hand planer these days. Regardless, this article is … Read more

Best Benchtop Planer Thicknesser & Stationary Planer In 2022/23

Best Benchtop Planer Thicknesser & Stationary Planer

A good benchtop planer or stationary planer make an excellent machines in themselves, but also pair perfectly with a power jointer. They can be used at home/for DIY, and bigger workshop/production usage. The best benchtop suface planer usually suits the a casual user, home and small shop user, while the best stationary planer usually suits someone who … Read more

Best Chainsaw Helmet In 2022/2023

Best Chainsaw Helmet

Chainsaw safety equipment is a smart choice anytime you’re cutting with a chainsaw – whether you’re in your backyard, or working in forestry, logging, landscaping, and as an arborist. The chainsaw blade/chain, swinging/falling branches and falling onto the hard ground are some of the dangers you’ll be vulnerable to. So, buying the best chainsaw safety helmet to … Read more

Best Wet Tile Saw In 2022/2023

Best Wet Tile Saw

The best wet tile saw will vary depending on the person using it, and what they’re using it for. Homeowners and casual DIY’ers usually look for a basic type small wet tile saw, that can perform regular straight and mitre cuts, all for value for money or a cheaper price. A good wet tile saw … Read more

Best Biscuit Joiner & Plate Joiner In 2022/2023

Best Biscuit Joiner & Plate Joiner

What is the reason you’re looking for the best biscuit joiner, or best plate joiner for your needs? Are you a homeowner or professional that carries out mainly smaller tasks that requires a simple biscuit joint? Best value for money might be your priority in this case. Or, are you a cabinet maker or woodworker that occasionally, … Read more

Best Air Hammer & Air Chisel In 2022/2023

Best Air Hammer & Air Chisel

Are you a regular homeowner looking to chip or remove some loose masonry? Or what about a professional who works in a fabrication workshop with metal, or a car workshop/garage performing front end work, bodywork, suspension work and separating joints? Either way, a good air hammer or air chisel will help you perform these tasks with minimum … Read more

Best Demolition Hammers In 2022/2023

Best Demolition Hammers

The best demolition hammer for your needs will vary – based on the material you want to break, and how you will actually use the hammer. You could be a regular homeowner or DIY’er, or a professional tradesman… In either case, are just looking to remove ceramic tiles, and/or chip some concrete? Or, do you regularly need to … Read more