Best Survival Solar Panels & Charger

The best survival solar panels will need to fit a range of specific criteria.

Being portable is a big priority, as well as being durable to weather and sharp/rough objects.

For a go/bug out bag, having a solar panel that can charge both USB & battery type devices offers a lot of flexibility in terms of the other devices you can carry with you.

In this short guide, we identify a solar panel that fits closely to this criteria – which is actually a folding type solar panel.

Let’s take a look at the best survival solar charger options out there …


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Top Rated Survival Solar Panels & Charger List

Best Survival Solar Panel & Charger – Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit  (on Amazon)

Best Cheap Solar Panel & Charger – Power Green 21 Watt Folding Solar Panel & Charger w/ 2 USB Ports (on Amazon)


Best Survival Solar Panels & Charger: Reviews

Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit

View On Amazon

What Makes This Solar Panel Good For Survival?

  • You get two main components with this kit which make it good value for money > 1) The Guide 10 Plus (a power pack including 4 x AA rechargeable batteries), & 2) the Nomad 7 solar panel
  • There are connections and provisions for charging USB type and AA/AAA battery type small devices – designed for Phones, GPS, Headlamp or flashlight, smaller USB devices.
  • Great durability for a range of conditions – Weatherproof and shock proof
  • Has stitched loops around the outside of the panel – Will attach to your bag or fit in your bag
  • Very small and portable – lightweight and easy to carry around. Weighs only 1.2 pounds. Size of the panel folded out is about the size of two tablets
  • Internal pouch for storing small items


What Could Be Improved?

  • Keep it mind the solar panel kit is only a 7 Amp output. This limits how quickly and how many devices you can charge compared to say a portable 20 watt model Goal Zero also has available
  • Like all solar panels – when this panel is not in direct sunlight, it stops output.


What Extras Might You Need To Get With This Panel?


Where To Check It Out

View the Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit on Amazon


Best Survival Solar Panels & Charger: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Types Of Solar Panels Are Good For Survival?

There are several types of solar panels – glass/aluminium, flexible, bendable, folding and even solar blanket panels.

For survival, a folding solar panel is best for their portability and durability – they can be carried around and will survive different weather and environmental conditions.

We should also underline that most folding solar panels have the capability to plug in USB type devices – which is an important devices that are used these days.


What Are Solar Panels Used For In Survival?

In survival type situations, solar panels are mainly used to power other devices like smartphones, tablets, flashlights, potentially GPS systems, radios – and other small handheld devices.

Energy is gathered from the sun, and used to charge USB or battery type devices directly. A recharger or rechargeable battery pack can be used to store energy for use when the sun is not out or the solar panel is stored away in the backpack.


Which Survival Solar Panels To Get – How To Choose?

We already mentioned a folding solar panel makes the most sense for survival situations.

We also listed the 7 Amp Goal Zero solar panel above.

If you want more output/power, Goal Zero also makes a 20 Amp portable and folding solar panel. You can check out the 20 Amp version in our guide on hiking solar panels. Note that the 20 Amp version is chain-able, where as the 7 Amp isn’t.

If you are looking for a solar panel that is waterproof, check out the guide we put together on kayaking solar panels.


Features Of Survival Solar Panels To Look Out For


Loops/toggles that allow you attach the panel to backpacks or other surfaces/objects

Durable – weatherproof in different conditions like rain and snow, and will stand up to rough or sharp objects

Enough output/amps to charge your devices

Check the voltage rating – is the solar panel capable of matching the voltage rating of your devices?

Capability to battery charge, as well as provide USB charging connections

Option to use with a recharger or inverter if you need them

Folds up to a small enough size to fit in a backpack


Survival Solar Panel Accessories

Recharger (to store energy) or battery packs

Other attachments like lights



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