Best Solar Roof Fan

Solar attic fans can be mounted in a number of places – with the two of the most common being on the roof ,and on box gables.

In this short guide we discuss and list the best solar roof fan brand, and models.

We discuss important features like performance, installation, warranties and more.

Let’s jump into it …


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Top Rated Solar Roof Fan List

Best Solar Roof Mounted Fan:


Best Solar Roof Fan: Reviews

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36 Watt

We already reviewed this solar roof fan in our general guide about solar attic fans.

Although we’re not going to regurgitate what we’ve already said, in summary, this is a good solar roof fan because:

  • It’s made with quality materials and worksmanship
  • There are 12, 24, 36 & 60 Watt models available in the natural light solar attic fan range – each good for different applications and roofs
  • Great warranty available on the entire setup
  • Reports on performance of ventilation and cooling are positive
  • Rated for Florida weather (as well as other states)
  • You may be eligible for tax credits with this fan
  • Installation is easy depending on your existing roof
  • The 36 watt panel is good for ventilating 2625 square feet of attic space


Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 24 Watt

  • This smaller model will ventilate 2100 square feet of attic space per fan


Best Solar Roof Fan: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

To read about solar attic fans overall, read this guide. But, in terms of information on solar roof fans specifically:


What Is A Solar Roof Fan?

Solar roof fans are mounted on the main part of a house roof (usually in place of a roof shingle on a pitched roof).

They are solar powered by a solar panel – which come in different sizes depending on the model of roof fan.

Roof fans are one type of solar attic fan, with another common type being box gable mounted solar fans.

Curb and garage mounted fans are less common.


What Do Solar Roof Fans Do?

Solar roof fans ventilate usually an attic space at the top level of the house.

They are designed to move hot air and moisture out of the attic space.

Generally, the bigger the wattage on the solar panel, the bigger the area the solar panel ventilates and the more air (CFM) the fan moves per minute.


What Do I Need To Be Aware Of When Ordering A Solar Roof Fan?

Consider the answers to the following questions to decide which solar roof fan to get:

1. What is the size of the total air space (m3) you want to ventilate? – check how many fans you need for the air space you want to ventilate

2. What type of roof do you have? (flat, pitched, tiled etc.) – check the model you want can be installed on your roof

4. What size solar panel do you want? – how many watts

5. How many years warranty do you want on both the fan/motor, and panel?

6. Do you want a model that might qualify for tax credit where you live?

7. Do you want a model rated to Florida weather?

8. Can you install the roof fan yourself, or do you need a professional to do it? – check the company product instructions, or give them a call


Best Solar Roof Fan: Resources

1. (Natural Light Solar Attic Fans)



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