Best Solar Powered Roof Vent

This is a short and easy-to-read guide where we list and break down the best solar powered roof vent.

The type of vent we discuss in this guide can be used on the side walls of a house/garage, the roof of an rv or car, a boat deck or glass surfaces.

If you are looking for a solar exhaust fan/vent that can ventilate your attic or large areas, check out the following guides on solar powered house roof fans:

The roof vent discussed in the guide below is much smaller, cheaper and moves less volume of air per minute than the house roof fans.

Let’s get into it …


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Top Rated Solar Powered Roof Vent List

Best Solar Powered Roof Vent – ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Roof Vent (on Amazon)


Best Solar Powered Roof Vent: Reviews

ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Roof Vent

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NOTE: refer to product installation instructions depending on whether you are installing on

  • A wall
  • Car/rv roof or boat deck
  • Glass surface


What’s Good About This Solar Roof Vent?

  • Can be installed on a number of surfaces and in a number of applications
  • One year limited warranty
  • It’s small and compact – you’ll only need to cut about a 4.5 inch diameter hole
  • Easy to install


What Could Be Better?

  • Moves only a very small amount of air – ideal for a car or RV, not as good for a house
  • Fan does not run constantly unless the unit is in full sunlight
  • NOT for a house roof


Where To Check It Out?

View the ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Roof Vent on Amazon


Best Solar Powered Roof Vent: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is A Solar Powered Roof Vent?

A small circular vent installed on the side wall of a house, roof of an rv or car, on a boat deck, or on a glass surface.

They are in comparison to the much larger solar roof fans and gable fans which can be installed on house roofs, and are used to ventilate attics mainly.


What Is A Solar Powered Roof Vent Used For?

A solar roof vent is used to ventilate very small areas by removing hot air and moisture from an inside environment to the outside.

A solar roof vent should not be used on a house roof, as they lack the necessary waterproofing.


How Does A Solar Powered Roof Vent Work?

They have very small inbuilt solar cells, and sometimes a backup battery that power them on some models.

The fan is small and moves a very small amount of air compared to a solar attic exhaust roof or gable fan.

Because the solar cells are so small in surface area, a solar roof vent usually needs to be in direct sunlight without any cover to function.


Solar Powered Roof Vent Accessories

It depends where you install the vent, but generally:

If installing in glass, you’ll need glass cutters

If installing in car/rv roof or on boat deck you’ll need cutting tools and a waterproof mastic or sealant

If installing in a house wall, you’ll need cutting tools and wall plugs


No.6 screws are used to fix the unit.


Should You Get A Solar Powered Roof Vent?

First things first – if you need a roof fan for your house roof, get an attic fan.

Secondly, these units move a VERY small amount of air, and do need direct sunlight to run constantly.

So, for some people, they may be more trouble to order and install than it’s worth.

However, they do provide some air flow and ventilation, so if that’s what you’re after, they are worth a look – especially for glass surfaces, and the roof of rv’s, caravans and boat decks.


Best Solar Powered Roof Vent: Resources

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