Best Solar Panel Pole Mount, & Tilt Mounting Rack


Best Solar Panel Pole Mount

The Best Solar Panel Pole Mount for solar panels up to 100 watts, including reviews and a buyer’s guide


When is comes to installing off grid solar panels, there are various ways you can fix or mount a panel.

The most common way for standard rigid/solid solar panels is with Z brackets, which are usually supplied with the panel.

But, there are several other mounting options – with a solar panel pole mount being one of those options.

The best solar panel pole mount will be easy to assemble, and be strong enough to resist winds and other loads that a pole mount must be designed for.

Let’s look at a good solar panel pole mount by the RENOGY solar brand.


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Top Rated List of Solar Panel Pole Mounts

Best Solar Panel Pole Mount – RENOGY Solar Panel Pole Mount (on Amazon)


Best Solar Panel Pole Mount: Reviews

RENOGY Solar Panel Pole Mount (27.4 inches)

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What’s Good About This Pole Mount?

  • Mount is 27.4 inches wide and made of aluminium, with stainless steel fasteners
  • Designed for off-grid applications, when mounting to a roof is not ideal
  • The mount is angled, so you can angle the panel into the sun
  • It is adjustable between 15-65 degrees.
  • Manufactured to be corrosion free
  • Designed to withstand 50 psf (125 mph wind loads) – quite solid and strong
  • Easy to assemble
  • 1 Year material warranty
  •  Included are Two T-Slotted Brackets, Four L-Brackets, Two U-Bolts, Ten Cap Head Bolts and Eighteen Spring Washers, Four End Clamp, Four Washers (Large), Two L-Channels, Two Support Arms, Eight T-Bolts, Eighteen Washers (Small), Eight Nuts (Small), Eight Nuts (Large)


What’s Not So Great?

  • Doesn’t come with tools to assemble. You will need – Socket Wrench, Torque extension, Box-Leveler, Tape measure, 18mm wrench or socket for larger hex nut, 13mm wrench or socket for smaller hex nut
  • Fits one Renogy 50 watt or 100 watt solar panel – check the dimensions of your solar panel before buying to make sure it fits in with the Renogy dimensions. Renogy states the mount is only designed for Renogy solar panels.
  • There may be an extra cost involved in getting the panel installed. Renogy gives these instructions on their site about the product: “This equipment should be installed, adjusted, and serviced by qualified electrical maintenance personnel familiar with the construction and operation of the equipment and the hazards involved. Failure to observe this precaution may result in bodily injury. Protective gloves and safety glasses should be worn during installation”
  • The pole is NOT included – only the mount. Renogy recommends a 4 inch diameter pole.


What Else Do You Need To Use It?

You can read more about rigid solar panels in this guide if you want to know more.


Where To Check It Out?

View the RENOGY Solar Panel Pole Mount on Amazon


Best Solar Panel Pole Mount: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is A Solar Panel Pole Mount?

A solar panel pole mount is a mounting device that is raised in the air via a pole, and is used mainly off-grid i.e. away from the home.


What Are Solar Panel Pole Mounts Used For?

Solar panel pole mounts are used either where mounting on a surface like a roof or the ground is not ideal,

OR, where using another solar panel mount like a ground mount won’t be ideal for the application you want to use your solar panel in.


Which Solar Panel Pole Mount To Get – How To Choose?

There are two types of solar panel pole mounts on the market:

Single panel pole mounts

Multiple panel pole mounts


Depending on how many solar panels you want your mount to hold, you can choose either.

However, keep quality in mind when choosing, as these mounts aren’t heavily manufactured as much as some other solar accessories might be.


What Features To Look For, and Considerations To Make When Choosing A Solar Panel Pole Mount

Always read the manufacturer instructions when choosing a solar panel pole mount. But, pay attention to the following:

What actually comes included – just the mounting pieces?

Do you need professional help to install, or can you do it yourself?

If you can do it yourself, what tools do you need to install the panel yourself?

What wind and corrosion ratings does the mount have?

What diameter pole is the mount designed for?

What size solar panel does the mount fit?

What are the details of the warranty that the mount comes with?


Solar Panel Pole Mount – Accessories

You’ll need a solar panel system. But, Renogy also suggests the following tools for putting the mount together:

Socket Wrench, Torque extension, Box-Leveler, Tape measure, 18mm wrench or socket for larger hex nut, 13mm wrench or socket for smaller hex nut


In addition, Renogy (on their site) states the moount should be “installed, adjusted, and serviced by qualified electrical maintenance personnel”.


Best Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mounting Rack

The Best Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount adjustable frames, and tilt racks for angling. We also include reviews


Most off grid solid solar panel starter kits come with Z brackets to ground/surface mount your solar panel/s.

However, there are instances where you might like to have your panel/s raised off the ground and angled, so that you are getting maximum direct sunlight on your panels at all times.

For this purpose, an adjustable solar panel tilt mounting rack is a good option.

The best adjustable/tilted solar panel mounting racks not only support your panel/s, but allow you to set them at the angle that suits the sunlight in your area.

Below we’ve identified a high quality Windynation brand mounting rack …


Top Rated List of Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mounts

Best Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mounting Rack – WindyNation Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting Rack (on Amazon)


Best Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount: Reviews

WindyNation Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting Rack

What’s Good About This Adjustable Solar Mounting Rack?

  • Designed for solar panels that have a width (the short side of the solar panel) no longer than 28 inches
  • Designed for mounting a solar panel to the roof of an RV, or any other flat surface
  • Made of anodised aluminium, with the mounting hardware being stainless steel
  • 2 year warranty
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Can adjust in angle from 0 to an estimated 45 degrees
  • All mounting and fastening hardware for assembly included – Aluminum Mounting Rails (22”) 4 2 Aluminum Tilt Angle Bracket (11.25”) 2 3 Steel Knob Bolt 6 4 Steel Wing Nut 6 5 Steel Flange Nut 4 6 Steel Module Bolt 4 7 Steel Flat Washer 4


What Isn’t So Good?

  • If your solar panel is wider than 28 inches on it’s short side, it will be too big for this rack
  • You’ll need your own solar panel to mount in the rack – as this is a mount only product
  • Make sure you read the Windynation product user manual for instructions on installation


What Else Do I Need To Use It?


Where Can I Check It Out?

View the Windynation Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting Rack on Amazon


Best Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is An Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount?

A adjustable angle solar panel mount that allow you to have your solar panel mounted on a rack instead of the ground.

In comparison, a regular rigid solar panel would usually be mounted with low profile Z brackets.


What Are Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount Used For?

There are two main purposes for using an adjustable solar panel tilt mount rack:

To have your solar panels raised up off the surface you mount the rack on

To be able to angle your panel directly into sunlight if it’s coming from an angle and not straight from above


Which Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount To Get – How To Choose?

Adjustable solar panel tilt mount racks are not mass manufactured – so there is a limited range to choose from.

Just make sure the rack you choose can fit the size of your solar panel if you already have one, and that you can install it on the surface you want to install it on.


What Features To Look For, and Considerations To Make When Choosing An Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount

Check the max width of panel able to be installed on the rack

Check what the rack is designed for

Check the length of warranty

Check the range of angle the rack can be adjusted to


Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount – Accessories

Solar panel

Tools to assemble the mounting rack





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