Best Portable Grid Tie Solar System

Portable grid tie systems can be a good option for renters.

But, they can also be a good option for home owners who don’t want permanent roof mounted solar panels.

The best portable grid tie solar systems will make a good contribution to your household electricity supply, but can also be easily disconnected and taken to another location, or even used with battery devices with the DC power.

Let’s have a look at the portable grid tie solar system reviews & buyer’s guide below …


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Top Rated List Of Portable Grid Tie Solar Systems

Cheap/Small Portable Grid Tie Solar Systems – Ensupra 250-Watt Readymade Polycrystalline Solar Panel Power Kit (on Amazon)

  • Easy enough to install and understand for one panel


Large Portable Grid Tie Solar Systems – PluggedSolar 1.74KW Grid Tie Kit (on Amazon)

  • Although the large system is not bad – there can be issues with setting it up and a lack of technical support. We have not reviewed the large system at this stage, and will check back on it at a later date to see if the issues have been resolved.


Best Portable Grid Tie Solar System: Reviews

Ensupra 250 Watt Readymade Polycrystalline Solar Panel

We already reviewed this portable grid tie solar system in our guide on portable solar panels for renters.

But, some of the things that make this an option as a portable grid tie solar system in general are:

  • It comes with everything you need to set up and plug the panel in to your house supply
  • Big warranties on the panel and inverter – but get a guarantee on the warranty before buying
  • Comes with a power monitor
  • Can use DC power from the panel for battery devices, as well as the inverter AC power
  • Estimated energy production is 400kWh per year
  • Possibly eligible for solar tax credits with your national or local governments
  • Two step installation – quick and relatively easy

Where To Check Out This Solar Panel?

View the Ensupra 250-Watt Readymade Polycrystalline Solar Panel Power Kit on Amazon


*NOTE: it is always encouraged to check with all parties – energy suppliers, councils, professional electricians/solar installers, house owner – to confirm you have approval to install any solar system to a grid.


Best Portable Grid Tie Solar System: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Grid vs. Off Grid Solar Systems – What’s The Difference?

The ‘grid’ is the mains street supply that runs into your switchboard and powers your house.

When a regular roof mounted solar panel system is installed (the ones that you commonly see on someone’s roof), they run into an inverter and then to your house supply.

The surplus from the inverter runs back out to the main electrical supply – and this is when you are usually given solar ‘credits’.

Off grid means you are functioning completely out of the main electrical supply.

Off grid usually involves back up solar generators/batteries, and standalone inverter boxes (but the two are sometimes combined).

NOTE: there are also HYBRID systems which feed energy to the grid, as well as having a backup battery which they send energy to to use when the sun isn’t out or charging the panels.


What Is A Portable Grid Tie Solar System?

A grid tied system is simply a solar panel system connected via an inverter to the household electrical supply.

A portable grid tied system is a system that does not have any structural or permanent installation components, so it can be plugged and unplugged as required.


Types Of Portable Grid Tie Solar Systems

Portable grid tie solar systems come in different sizes depending on their output – usually measured in watts per day, or KW per year.

An average solar panel will do roughly 250 Watts, and a 6 panel stacked system 1.5 Kw.

Usage monitors/power meters can vary in reading capabilities, from simple LCD display, to WIFI dongles that show you output and panel health on a smartphone or tablet app.


How Does A Portable Grid Tie Solar System Work – What Are They Used For?

Portable grid tie solar systems usually have a solar panel with a junction box (if you purchase a solar controller and connector cables, you can utilise the DC energy from here).

A grid tie inverter connects the panel to the grid by plugging into a powerpoint.

In direct sunlight, the panel will provide energy to the grid via the DC to AC inverter.


Features To Look For, & Considerations To Make With Portable Grid Tie Solar Systems

You can read about features and considerations in this guide.


Portable Grid Tie Solar Systems – Accessories

You can read about accessories in this guide.


Best Portable Grid Tie Solar System: Resources




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