Best Pneumatic/Air Brad Nailer In 2022/2023

The air brad nailer is the most common brad nail gun on the market.

The best pneumatic brad nailer is usually operated with an air hose and a smaller air compressor – a pancake air compressor is usually suitable.

For those who don’t know, a brad nailer shoots 18 gauge (diameter) brad nails.

This is in comparison to other nail guns used for finishing type activities such as finish nail guns (15 and 16 gauge), and pin nailers (23 gauge).

Some professionals find their air brad nailer the most flexible of the three guns.

Let’s look at the best air brad nailer on the market at the moment …


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Top Rated Pneumatic Brad Nailer List

Best Pneumatic Brad Nailer – WEN 61720 18 Gauge Brad Nailer (on Amazon)


Best Pneumatic Brad Nailer: Reviews

WEN 61720 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

We already reviewed this brad nailer in our guide on 18 gauge brad nailers.

However, the following are some reasons why this is the best pneumatic brad nailer in our opinion:

  • Very cheap – if you use it once, you’ll get back value for what you pay for it
  • Can drive a range of brad nail lengths from 3/4 inch long to 2 inch long
  • Can be used with a less expensive pancake compressor
  • Very lightweight – only 3 lbs
  • Designed for trim and light assembly
  • In the kit you get
  • Kit includes oil (for lubrication), two adjustment hex wrenches and a custom carrying case

Read the full review here.


Best Pneumatic Brad Nailer: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Is A Pneumatic Brad Nailer?

A pneumatic brad nailer is a brad nail gun that is air powered.

An air brad nail gun shoots 18 gauge brad nails usually 3/4 inch long to 2 inch long.

An air brad nailer is one version of the brad nail gun and the most common – with the other two being a battery operated brad nailer, and an electric brad nailer.


What Is A Pneumatic Brad Nailer Used For?

Brad nailers in general can be used for many finishing type activities like fixing lightweight to medium trim, moldings, baseboards, picture frames, woodwork, and more.

Air brad nailers are generally the most powerful brad nailers.

You would get one if you want a brad nailer that can do the most activities out of the air, cordless, and electric models.

When comparing an air brad nailer to finish nail guns and pin nail guns, they fit in between the two.

The nail gauges are as follows:

Finish nails – 15 and 16 gauge. Thickest nails that provide the strongest support, but provide the biggest nail holes and can split fine wood and trim

Brad Nails – 18 gauge. Medium thickness nails that have decent support. Are sometimes headless. Fit in between finish and pin nails.

Finish Nails – 23 gauge. Thinnest nails that provide the least support, but are usually headless and so thin you don’t need to putty the holes. Will also be suitable for fixing fine wood or delicate trim so as to not split them


Pneumatic Brad Nailer Bits & Accessories

Brad nail packs – 18 gauge. Usually 3/4 inch long to 2 inch long.

Air hose

Pancake compressor (but check the air intake requirements of the brad nailer)


Features To Look For In A Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Read this guide about brad nailers for features to look for, and how to select a brad nailer.

With a pneumatic brad nailer in particular, you want to look at:

The PSI of the gun (the operating pressure required)

The CFM (how many cubic feet of air per minute the gun uses)

What size the air inlet nozzle/thread is

If the gun come with an air hose

If the gun comes with lubricant oil or needs it


Best Pneumatic Brad Nailer: Resources




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