Best Nail Gun & Nailer For Crown Molding In 2022/2023

When it comes to the best nail gun for crown molding, different people have their different preferences.

However, there are three major considerations all nail gun users installing crown molding have to make:

  • Type of nail gun – finish, brad or pin nailer
  • Type, Gauge and size of nails the nailer shoots
  • Whether they want a straight nailer or angled magazine nailer
  • + some other considerations we mention in the buyer’s guide below

The guide below is intended to be short, and list for you the best nailers for molding – and, the reasons why!

We hope it saves you time and money!

You can quickly view the top rated list below if you are running short on time.

Otherwise, the full guide contains valuable information if you have a few minutes to browse over it.


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Best Nail Gun For Crown Molding List


Best Cheap 15 & 16 Gauge Nail Gun For Crown Molding – Hitachi NT65MA4 (on Amazon)

Best Cheap 18 Gauge Nail Gun For Crown Molding – WEN 61721 18-Gauge 3/8-Inch to 2-Inch Pneumatic Brad Nailer (on Amazon)


Best Nail Gun For Crown Molding: Reviews


Hitachi NT65MA4 1-1/4 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer with Air Duster

View On Amazon

What makes this nail gun good for crown molding?

  • Designed for installing crown and base moldings, window and door casings, chair rails, cabinets, exterior trim and staircases.
  • 15 gauge will provide and extremely strong fixing for your crown molding
  • Will accept 15-gauge nails ranging in length from 1-1/4 inch to 2-1/2 inch at 34 inch
  • Also comes in a 16 Gauge version – 1 to 2-1/2 inches nails, 16-gauge
  • 34 degree Angled magazine – can make it easier to get into awkward spaces between the ceiling and wall
  • Affordable price
  • Air duster features for clearing away dust and debris
  • Easy to clear nail jams
  • Feature to switch between sequential or contact nailing
  • Drive dial – adjust the depth your set into the crown molding
  • Lightweight – weighs only 4.2 pounds
  • Comes with a carrying case, safety glasses and a no-mar tip.
  • Can load 100 nails in the magazine


What are some potential improvements?

The three biggest drawbacks with this gun are (probably more an issue for professionals than a DIY user):

  • No belt clip for hooking to your belt for extended use
  • Doesn’t come with oil or lubricant – you’ll have to get your own (although oil is fairly cheap)


What else might you need with this nail gun?

15 Gauge Nails 2 inch length – Senco A302000 15-Gauge by 2-Inch Bright Basic Finish Nail (on Amazon) 

15 Gauge Nails 2.5 inch length – Senco A302509 15 Gauge by 2-1/2-Inch Electro Galvanized Finish Nail (on Amazon) 

A Pancake Air Compressor – PORTER CABLE 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor Kit (on Amazon)



Where to check this nail gun out?

View the Hitachi NT65MA4 on Amazon


Best Nail Gun For Crown Molding: Buyer’s Guide

What Is Crown Molding?

Crown molding can be any type of molding, and is usually used to finish the top edge of a wall where it meets the ceiling in a room.

Crown molding on the interior or exterior can have different profiles and decorations, and is usually plaster, wood or MDF.


What Is A Nail Gun?

There are many different types of nail guns and nailer tools.

A nail gun is a tool that shoots nails of different gauges and lengths into different materials to fix them to one another.

They are usually pneumatically powered – powered by air supplied by an air compressor.

But, can also be cordless/battery powered and sometimes manual or electric.


Types of Nail Guns For Crown Molding

Although there are many types of nail gun tool for different applications, a nail gun for crown molding is usually a nailer used for finishing type tasks.

These nailers are either a:

Finish nailer (shoot 15 to 16 gauge nails) – thickest, strongest and biggest nails

Brad nailer (shoots 18 gauge nails) – somewhere in between

Pin Nailer (shoots 23 gauge nails) – thinnest, weakest & smallest nails


These nail guns are in comparison to say roofing or framing nailers that are used for different types of tasks altogether.

When we say finishing tasks, we are talking baseboards, moldings of different types, door and window trims, cabinet making etc.


There are also other things that will define the type of nailer like:

How it is powered

If it has a straight or angled nail magazine (angled are better for awkward angles)

If it’s a 2 in 1 tool, or shoots multiple types of nails and fixings, or can be used for several types of applications


What Is A Is A Nail Gun Used For When Working With Crown Molding?

For most crown molding fixing, you’ll want to use a finish nailer (15 or 16 gauge), or sometimes brad nailer (18 gauge).

Crown molding needs to hang on the wall, and most crown molding isn’t super thin or delicate.

A finish nailer (or brad nailer) will give you a strong hold, but particularly with the finish nails, you’ll have to putty up the larger nail holes.

For VERY thin, small and delicate crown molding, consider using a pin nailer – so you don’t split the molding.


Nail Gun Bits & Accessories

Nails – finish nails, brad nails or pin nails

Air Compressor


How To Choose A Nail Gun For Crown Molding

  1. Consider the size, weight and thickness of crown molding you are installing
  2. If you want maximum strength of hold – consider a 15 or 16 gauge finish nailer. For medium weight and thickness molding, a brad nailer should be considered
  3. Do you have an existing air compressor? If so, consider whether it’s suitable for the nail gun
  4. Decide if you want a straight or angled nail gun – angled can be better if you need to get into tight spaces (but angled magazines usually take bigger nails)


Features To Look For In A Nail Gun For Crown Molding

How it’s powered

Gauge of nails it shoots

Length and type of nails it shoots

Straight or angled nailer

If it’s multiple tools in 1

CFM of the nailer (cubic feet of air per minute it uses)

PSI of the nailer (air pressure required)

Whether it comes with an air hose

Whether it comes with a battery

How many nails it holds

Settings for shooting the nails e.g. sequential or contact nailing, depth of nail drive

Adjustable exhaust

Look at what the nailer is actually designed for, along with the nails you buy


How To Use A Nail Gun

  1. Load the nail magazine
  2. Lubricate/oil the hose and gun if air  nailer
  3. Attach the air hose (or attach the battery if cordless)
  4. Set the air pressure on the compressor
  5. Adjust the settings of the gun – type of nail shooting, depth of nail shooting etc.
  6. Mark or set out where you will be fixing the crown molding
  7. Turn the gun on, or turn the compressor on
  8. Use the nail gun


Best Nail Gun For Crown Molding: Resources




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