Best Flexible Solar Panels For Rv

Flexible solar panels are one of a number of solar options for your rv roof.

One benefit they have over rigid or glass solar panels for example, is that they don’t need to be permanently fixed or mounted to your rv roof.

The best flexible solar panels for rv use can be very easily installed and uninstalled from different types of surfaces.

Flexible solar panels can easily be transferred between your rv roof, a boat deck, a house or cabin roof – or even hung up on a tent if you go to a camp site with your rv.

In this short guide, we list & discuss the best flexible solar panel brand & model for Rv use – let’s get to it!


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Top Rated List of Flexible Solar Panels For Rv

Best Flexible Solar Panel For Rv – Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)


Update – since first publishing this guide, ALLPOWERS and Renogy seem to have two of the better flexible panels on the market (which are worth you checking out). The Renogy panel is a 160 Watt panel currently.


Best Flexible Solar Panels For Rv Use: Reviews


Windynation 100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

We already reviewed this flexible solar panel in this guide.

But, some of the things that make this a good flexible marine solar panel are:

  • Works at 18 volts and can charge 12 volt lithium and lead-acid batteries – good for RV’s, electric bikes etc. > use it with a solar controller though
  • Can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc
  • Very lightweight – only weighs 4lbs – easy to transport, install and remove
  • Frameless design, and 6 pre-fab metal reinforced mounting holes which can use temporary or permanent fixings
  • Can be mounted using adhesive or velcro as well
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes with connectors and connector cable

So you know how much room to make space for on your marine vessel:

Panel dimensions are 41.7″ (length) x 21.3″ (width) x 0.1″ (thick)

Where Can I Check This Solar Panel Out?

Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)


Suaoki 100W Flexible & Bendable Solar Panel

We already reviewed this 100 Watt flexible & bendable solar panel in our guide on flexible solar panels.

But, some of the features and design elements that make it good for rv use are:

  • Designed for the home, travel, camping, hiking – or, for mounting on a coach roof, RV roof, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface
  • Can bend up to 30 degrees for uneven or curved surfaces
  • Can charge 12 V lead- acid and lithium batteries – marine batteries, rv batteries, bike batteries etc.
  • Extremely light and easy to move/transport – Weighs only 4.85 lbs
  • Water resistant
  • Weighs only 4.85 lbs
  • Compact dimensions – 43.3 length x 22.4 wide x 0.1 inches thick
  • Pre formed corrosion proof holes for temporary or permanent fixings


Where To Check Out This Solar Panel

View  the Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel on Amazon


Best Flexible Solar Panels For Rv: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Types Of Flexible Solar Panels Are There For Rv’s?

There are two types of flexible solar panels and both are good for Rv related tasks:

Flexible and semi flexible solar panels – flexible solar panels made of laminate that are lightweight, but can’t be bent

Bendable flexible solar panels – flexible solar panels made of laminate that are lightweight, but can be bent usually up to around 30 degrees (bent does not mean folded)


What For, & How Are Flexible Solar Panels Best Used With Rv’s?

What Are They Used For

Flexible solar panels usually come in 50 & 100 watt models.

Most people will want to use them for charging a re-chargeable lithium ion or lead acid battery in their rv, or other 12 volt batteries (although some batteries are 24 volt).

Multiple solar panels may need to be purchased to meet the voltage requirements of your battery if it’s anything higher than 12 volt.

1 x 100 Watt flexible solar panel is usually enough for a 12 volt battery – but check with manufacturer instructions.


How Are They Used

Flexible solar panels are used as a more versatile option to rigid, glass and aluminium/hard solar panels.

Rigid solar panels usually have to be permanently fixed or mounted to an rv roof with brackets and fixings.

Flexible solar panels on the other hand can essentially be quickly transferred between any surface.

They can be used on a an rv rooftop, boat, yacht, cabin, hung from a tent, and other irregular or curved surfaces where a hard solar panel might not be suitable.

Applications like the home, travel, camping, hiking and fishing are good for flexible and semi flexible solar panels – in addition to rv’s.


What Flexible Solar Panel To Get For An Rv – How To Choose?

You usually need 1, or 2 x 100 Watt flexible solar panels with a solar controller (so you don’t damage your battery long term) to charge an rv 12v battery.

Generally (but check the solar panel product info, and the requirements of your battery/s), 1 x 100 watt flexible solar panel puts out around 18.6 volts.

For a 12v re-chargeable battery, this will be sufficient.


What Features To Look For & Considerations To Make In Flexible Solar Panels For Rv’s?

You can read about features to look for in flexible solar panels in this guide.

However, specifically look out for these considerations for flexible solar panels for rv use:

If you want to charge an rv battery – 12 or 24 volt – make sure the panel voltage and amperage output is above what the battery requires. Check with the manufacturer, as you may have to buy two 120 watt panels to charge a 24 volt battery for example.

Check that the solar panel has the connections you need for the devices you want to charge i.e. battery, Mc4 connections etc.

Check whether you need a solar controller to charge the devices you want to charge so you don’t damage them

Check exactly what the panel is designed for – how many devices can you charge at a time? How long will the panel take to charge the devices you want to charge?

Check whether it’s best to get a regenerator to store energy so you can use the stored energy when the sun isn’t out


Flexible Solar Panels For Rv’s – Accessories

You can read about features to look for in flexible solar panels in this guide.

However, specifically for flexible solar panels for rv use, you may need these accessories:

Solar controller – to prevent damage to your devices

Regenerator/charger – to store energy to use when you aren’t direct charging from the solar panel

Extra connections and adapters – like MC4 for example


Best Flexible Solar Panels For Rv: Resources





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