Best Flexible Solar Panels For Camping

Flexible solar panels can be a more cost effective portable solar panel option for some campers than folding solar panels.

The best flexible solar panels for camping aren’t as portable as a folding solar panel, but will generally provide you with more power at a lower cost.

If you are spending most of your time around your campsite, or you don’t need to take a solar panel with you hiking, riding, or kayaking while out camping for example, a flexible solar panel could be great for you.

Flexible solar panels may or may not be bendable up to around 30 degrees – having the capability to bend is important if you want to install it curved or uneven surfaces.

Let’s look over the best flexible solar panels for camping …


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Top Rated Flexible Solar Panels For Camping List

Best Flexible Solar Panel For Camping –Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)

Update – since first publishing this guide, ALLPOWERS and Renogy seem to have two of the better flexible panels on the market (which are worth you checking out). The Renogy panel is a 160 Watt panel currently.


Best Flexible Solar Panels For Camping: Reviews

Windynation 100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

We already reviewed this flexible solar panel in this guide.

But, some of the things that make this a good flexible marine solar panel are:

  • Works at 18 volts and can charge 12 volt lithium and lead-acid batteries – good for RV’s, electric bikes etc. > use it with a solar controller though
  • Can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc
  • Very lightweight – only weighs 4lbs – easy to transport, install and remove
  • Frameless design, and 6 pre-fab metal reinforced mounting holes which can use temporary or permanent fixings
  • Can be mounted using adhesive or velcro as well
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes with connectors and connector cable

So you know how much room to make space for on your marine vessel:

Panel dimensions are 41.7″ (length) x 21.3″ (width) x 0.1″ (thick)

Where Can I Check This Solar Panel Out? View the Windynation 100 Watt Bendable Solar Panel (on Amazon)


Best Flexible Solar Panels For Camping: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What Are Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels are a type of portable solar panel.

They are not permanently fixed like a glass solar panel – they can be installed and uninstalled quite easily.

On the other hand, they can’t be carried around on a backpack and aren’t designed to stand up to sharp and rough objects as much as folding solar panels.

Flexible panels are usually very thin and light, being made of laminate or a plastic type material.

Some flexible solar panels are designed to bend up to a certain point, whilst others aren’t.


What Are Flexible Solar Panels Used For When Camping?

Flexible solar panels can be installed or hung on most surfaces.

They can be hung on a tent, or installed on your car, RV, camper van, boat, cabin or any surface which won’t rip or scratch the plastic.

They are useful because they are very easy to transfer from say the roof of your RV, to your tent, and then back to the RV.

Flexible panels are suitable for providing output to 12 V lead- acid and lithium batteries – marine batteries, rv batteries, bike batteries, tools, lights etc.

NOTE: flexible panels and panels with a high wattage should be used with a solar regulator so you don’t damage 12v batteries.


Which Flexible Solar Panel Should I Get For Camping – How To Choose?

Flexible solar panels are mostly the same.

Two things to consider in helping you pick a flexible solar panel though are:

Decide what Wattage of solar panel you want – 50 watt, 100 watts?

Decide if you want a flexible solar panel that bends – usually they can bend up to about 30 degrees


Flexible Solar Panel Accessories & Extras

Refer to our guide on flexible solar panels for more information on accessories and extras.


Features & Things To Look Out For Flexible Solar Panels For Camping

Refer to our guide on flexible solar panels for more information on accessories and extras.


Best Flexible Solar Panels For Camping: Resources




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