Best Finish Nailer For Crown Molding

When it comes to crown molding, in most instances, a finish nailer is the best nail gun for the job.

Funnily enough, we’ve already reviewed the best finish nailer for crown molding.

In our guide on finish nail guns for crown molding, we review the Hitachi NT65MA4 (on Amazon) – which comes as a 15 or 16 gauge finish nailer.

Below is a mini guide that includes:

  • A quick summary of the Hitachi NT65MA4
  • A mini buyer’s guide of why it’s best to use a finish nailer for crown molding


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Best Finish Nailer For Crown Molding – Hitachi NT65MA4 Review

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Some of the main pros and cons of this tool for use on crown molding include:


  • Affordable compared to other finish nailers on the market
  • Designed specifically for installing crown molding (among other tasks)
  • Can be purchased in either 15 gauge, or 16 gauge version – both are strong fixings for crown molding
  • Angled magazine – can be better for getting into awkward angles when installing the crown molding



  • No belt clip for hooking to your belt for extended use
  • Doesn’t come with oil or lubricant – you’ll have to get your own (although oil is fairly cheap)



In our opinion, this gun would better suit a DIY type user, compared to a professional.

Although there is no perfect nail gun, the lack of a tool clip/hook would get annoying for someone who has to use the gun regularly.

Apart from that – this is a great value for money finish nailer for crown molding, with a few common drawbacks that you get with most finish nailers.

Don’t forget to get nails and an air compressor with oil/lubricant to use your air finish nailer.


Best Finish Nailer For Crown Molding – Mini Buyer’s Guide

What Types of Nailers Are There For Fixing Molding?

There are three types of nailers/nail guns that are used for finishing activities like fixing molding:

Finish Nailers – shoot 15 & 16 gauge nails (largest)

Brad Nailers – shoot 18 gauge nails (middle range)

Pin Nailers – shoot 23 gauge nails (smallest)


Why Are Finish Nailers Generally The Best Nailer For Crown Molding?

Finish nailers are the best nailers for crown molding for a few reasons:

15 and 16 gauge nails are the thickest and biggest nails of the above nailers and will provide the strongest fixing

Crown molding has to hang on a wall/ceiling against gravity, and needs to stay tight/not come loose over a number of years

Crown molding is usually thick enough to take a finish nail without splitting

Brad nails can be OK, but will not hold crown molding up for as long as a finish nail will

Pin nails are only for fixing light and delicate materials


Note with finish nails – they leave larger holes and generally have larger nail heads – so you’ll usually have to fill the hole with putty or filler.

If you are installing a thinner or more delicate molding, consider a brad nailer or pin nailer.


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