Best Dremel For The Money In 2023/2024

Picking the best Dremel for the money (and value and versatility that the tool gives you) is a little bit like a parent trying to pick their favorite child.

Dremel has several very good value tools in their rotary range – both corded and cordless.

However, we had to pick one Dremel rotary tool (with a kit) that delivers significant value and versatility.

That tool model is the Dremel 4000 – specifically the Dremel 4000 2/30 Kit.

Yes, Dremel does have other higher performance models out like the Dremel 4300 & 4200, with the Dremel 4300 being great in its own right. If you want Dremel’s latest and best performance rotary tool as of June 2017, this would be it.

But, the value of the Dremel 4000 is simply too hard to pass up.

The following Dremel 4000 review and buyer’s guide outlines exactly what makes this Dremel tool and kit stand out as good value for money.


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What Is The Best Dremel For The Money?


Best Value For Money Dremel – Dremel 4000 2/30 Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon


Best Dremel For The Money: Review

Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

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The Dremel 4000 is a variable speed electric Dremel rotary tool.


What’s good about the tool?

  • Very popular rotary tool and kit
  • Variable speed – 5,000 to 35,000 RPM
  • 1.6 Amp Motor > the Dremel 4300 is only slightly more powerful at 1.8 Amp
  • Quite light at 2.86 lbs
  • Only 6 inches long – easier to handle than most rotary tools
  • Accepts all Dremel bits and attachments > lots of versatility in the number of uses it has
  • Bit change system is the EZ twist system – has a button release for changing accessories so no tool wrench is required, and it’s very quick
  • Other features include Electronic Feedback Circuitry, 360 degree Grip, Separate On/Off Switch & Speed Dial, Cool Running Ball Bearing Construction, Replaceable Motor Brushes
  • Comes with a limited warranty


What’s good about the kit – what accessories and attachments are included?

Accessories: High Speed Engraving Cutter, Cut Off Wheels, Multi-Purpose cutting bit, Grinding Stones, Cleaning and Polishing Wheels and Brush, Sanding Drums/Bands/Discs

Attachments: Circle cutter/straight edge guide and sanding/grinding guide.

Other Extras: 401 screw mandrel, 402 mandrel, wrench, hard carry case, accessory case.


What makes the tool and the kit value for money?

1. Tool is variable speed – suitable for a wide range of both slow speed and higher speed applications

2. Tool has 1.6 Amps motor – only slightly less than the Dremel 4300

3. Tool can take ALL Dremel accessories and attachments – very versatile in the tasks it can perform

4. An inexpensive Flex shaft attachment makes this tool great for detailing and precision tasks like engraving and carving

5. The Dremel workstation turns this tool into a a drill (when equipped with a drill bit)

6. With the bits included, you can perform the following tasks with this tool across a range of materials:

  • Shape, hollow, groove, slot, inlay and make tapered holes
  • Cut and carve
  • Grind and smooth
  • Polish and clean
  • Remove surface paint and other applications
  • Sand

7. And of course, the price is very affordable considering all these benefits.


What else might you need to use this Dremel?

Some users choose to get these accessories or attachments with the Dremel 4000 2/30 kit:

Accessory Kit – Dremel 710-08 All-Purpose Rotary Accessory Kit, 160-Piece (on Amazon)

Flex Shaft Attachment – Dremel 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment (on Amazon)

Keyless Chuck – Dremel 4486 MultiPro Keyless Chuck (on Amazon)

Workstation & Drill Press – Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press Work Station with Wrench (on Amazon) 


Where can I check out this Dremel kit?

View the Dremel 4000 2/30 Rotary Tool Kit on Amazon



Best Dremel For The Money: Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Dremel 4000?

A Dremel 4000 is an electric/corded variable speed rotary tool which is made by the Dremel brand.

Dremel’s range of rotary tools are classified as ‘finishing’ type rotary tools.


What Is A Dremel 4000 Used For, and What Does A Dremel 4000 Do?

A Dremel 4000 is used for smaller/lighter finishing activities than other bigger or more powerful rotary tools such as die grinders.

It has the ability to accept all Dremel accessories and attachments, so it can perform tasks such as:







+ more


A Dremel 4000 can work across a range of materials including but not limited to hard and soft metals, hard and soft woods, plastic, stone, ceramics and more.


Dremel 4000 Bits/Accessories & Attachments

Combining the Dremel 4000 with different accessories and attachments is what enables you to perform different tasks.

You can read more in the following guides about what might be the best bits, attachments, or bit sets for you:

Dremel Accessory Kits

Dremel Accessories and Bits

Dremel Attachments


Why Choose A Dremel 4000

We listed the points that make the Dremel 4000 a great value for money tool, with the 2/30 kit.

If a Dremel brand electric rotary tool is for you – consider those points.


Why Not Choose A Dremel 4000

A few reasons you might not choose a Dremel 4000 might be:

1. You might decide the Dremel 4300, as Dremel’s newest high performance electric rotary tool is a better option for you. You can check out a guide and comparison for the Dremel 4300 here.

2. You might decide another smaller electric one or two speed Dremel rotary tool is better for you e.g. the Dremel 100 or 200.

3. You might decide a cordless Dremel rotary tool like the Dremel 8220 is better for you.

4. You might decide a non-dremel brand rotary tool is better for you. We have a few useful guides for you to read in that case:

Dremel Alternative Rotary Tools

WEN vs Dremel Comparison

Proxxon vs Dremel Comparison


How To Use A Dremel 4000

  1. Make a list of the tasks you want to perform with your Dremel 4000
  2. Make sure you have the right accessories for those tasks e.g. if engraving on a hard surface, you’ll want a diamond engraving point
  3. Make sure you have the right attachments for those tasks
  4. Note that the Dremel 4000 has the EZ Twist system. This system doesn’t require a wrench for bit changes, but does require that you switch the collet size out when you have bits of different shank sizes. Switch the collet out for the size of the bit shank you are using
  5. Attach any attachments
  6. Begin work


Best Dremel For The Money: Resources




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