6 Reasons You Would Buy Rigid Solar Panels (Benefits)

Rigid solar panels are probably the most popular off grid option for those looking for solar power for their off grid system.

Not only have rigid solar panels been around the longest of any solar panels, but they are also the most cost effective per Watt, and are therefore probably the best value for money for most people too.

Applications like charging RV batteries, boat batteries, car and van batteries, powering a small cabin – are all made easier with rigid solar panels.

Let’s go through the 6 benefits of rigid solar panels that may let you know this type of solar panel is best for you …


Benefits Of Rigid Solar Panels: 6 Reasons You Would Buy Rigid Solar Panels


1. They are the most cost efficient/value for money solar panels

When you compare most rigid solar panels to most flexible and folding solar panels, you pay less money per Watt that you get in the panel.

So, if you buy a 100 Watt rigid solar panel, and a 100 Watt flexible solar panel, most times the rigid solar panel is going to be cheaper for a similar power output.

We even see rigid solar panel kits, including the panel, connectors/cables and solar controller, being cheaper than a stand alone flexible or folding solar panel of the same size.


2. The technology is the most developed

Rigid solar panels have been around for the longest of any of the solar panel types.

For this reason, they have been developed the most, and are further along in their technology and what they can offer than the other types of panels.

For example, even if we look at solar panels used for on-grid purposes, they are only JUST now developing flexible solar panels for wide spread use on buildings, whereas rigid panels have been used for years.

The same goes for rigid solar panels for off grid use – they are more popular and widely uses than flexible and folding panels, but small portable folding panels in particular are growing in popularity.


3. The companies and available accessories are generally well established

Because rigid solar panels are the most common and popular, the companies that manufacture them are generally well established.

If we take Renogy for example, they are well established and well resourced.

Being that Renogy is a major brand, it also helps that there are many accessories like solar controllers, inverters, cables, batteries etc. that are made to be compatible with this brand of panel.


4. Can be used for a wide array of applications

Rigid solar panels do tend to be mounted with brackets to a surface, but they can be used for a wide array of charging needs.

This might include charging 12 volt batteries in RV’s, cars, vans, bikes, boats, small cabins and more.


5. Mono and poly crystalline options available

The good solar brands will offer a mono-crystalline and polycrystalline version of their panels.

If we take for example Renogy’s 100 Watt rigid solar panel – it is available in both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline versions.

Both these types of panels are very efficient when in direct sunlight.


6. Can be used without permanent installation

Rigid solar panels do tend to be fixed to a surface, like an RV roof for example, with mounting brackets.

For this reason people might say they tend to be permanently installed.

However, there is no reason you can’t lay a rigid solar panel flat on a surface (as long as you aren’t moving anywhere) and charge the battery like that. You could then pick up the panel and store it away after use.


Where can you find out more about rigid solar panels?

You can read this guide/review of one of the most popular rigid solar panels from Renogy.

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