5 Benefits Of Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels provide a good option particularly for those looking for off grid solar power.

One of the main benefits of flexible thin film type solar panels is how portable they are.

You can read about how portable flexible solar panels are below, along with 4 reasons you might buy a flexible solar panel.

It’s probably also worth giving our short guide about the potential problems with solar panels – so you get a balanced idea of both the benefits and problems with flexible solar panels.

Onto the benefits …


Benefits Of Flexible Solar Panels


1. Lightweight

Because flexible solar panels are usually made of a thin laminate, they are quite light.

Rigid solar panels are not heavy, but as a comparison, a flexible solar panel might be around 4-5 lbs, while a rigid solar panel might be around 15-16 lbs.


2. Often Bendable

Flexible solar panels are often bendable. This means that they can flex, bend or curve up to a certain number of degrees – 30 degrees is a common curvature.

Bendable flexible solar panels are good because they can often fit on uneven or irregular surfaces – where a rigid solar panel might be too stiff to be mounted.

Some flexible solar panels do not bend – so check this on the flexible solar panel you are looking at before you buy.


3. Don’t Require Permanent Installation

Flexible solar panels do not require to be mounted with brackets like a rigid solar panel might be.

Flexible solar panels often come with pre-drilled metal mounting holes which you can use for temporary installation, or you can even lay or hand the panel on the ground or on a tent for example.


4. Very Portable

Because flexible solar panels are lightweight, bendable and don’t require permanent installation, they can be considered to be very portable.

For example, if you take your flexible solar panel out camping, you might choose to hang it up on your tent or van/RV, and simply de-mount it after use and take it home.

Flexible solar panels can be taken from spot to spot.


5. Won’t Crack Or Break Like A Rigid Panel

Rigid solar panels won’t crack or break often – but it’s a possibility if you drop them on a hard surface or they are hit with force.

Flexible solar panels won’t crack or break. They are however more susceptible to tearing or scratching if they come in contact with very sharp or rough surfaces – but this is rare.


What Are Some Flexible Solar Panel Options?

Two of the more popular brands of flexible solar panels are ALLPOWERS, and Suaoki.

Both brands offer a 50 watt and 100 watt option – you can check them out here in our flexible solar panel guide.

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