Bendable Solar Panels: What Are Your Options?

Bendable solar panels are relatively new in the solar field compared to rigid solar panels.

When we talk about bendable solar panels, we are actually talking about flexible solar panels – which are mainly used for off grid applications, but can also be used for the home.

Flexible solar panels should not be confused with folding solar panels – if you are confused, you can read guides about each here:

Let’s look at what your best bendable solar panel options might be in more detail…


Bendable Solar Panels: What Are Your Options?


What Are Bendable Solar Panels?

Bendable solar panels are solar panels that can bend up to a certain degree or curvature- with the average curvature being around 30 degrees.


What Are Bendable Solar Panels Used For?

A big advantage of having bendable solar panels is that they can bend to fit on curved or uneven surfaces – take for example a curved RV roof, or curved boat deck.

Other benefits of bendable solar panels are:

They are usually lightweight

They are usually very thin – made from plastic laminate

They are usually very portable – being able to be temporarily installed, laid out, or hung up on a range of surfaces – and then very easily detached and used elsewhere


This is in comparison to a rigid solar panel – which is stiff and won’t bend or curve to fit an uneven surface. If you are interested to read more about this comparison, we have published a flexible solar panel vs. rigid solar panel guide.

Folding solar panels also do not bend, but rather fold into each other, or fold out when you want to use them.


Are There Flexible Solar Panels That Don’t Bend?

Yes there are, so always check whether the solar panel is just lightweight thin laminate film, or whether it’s thin and lightweight but also bends or curves.

For example, the HQST flexible solar panels are lightweight, but do not bend.


Examples of Bendable Solar Panel Options

Two of the more popular bendable solar panel options are the Windynation and Suaoki brand flexible solar panels.

Both solar panels are:

Good for off grid applications like camping, RV’ing, cars and vans, marine use/boats + more

Come in 50 Watt and 100 Watt models

Are for 12 volt charging purposes

Are lightweight

Are thin

Come with pre-drilled mounting holes

Come with a junction box and MC4 connectors

Weather resistant


To give you an idea of dimensions:

  • The Suaoki 100 Watt panel is 43.3 length x 22.4 wide x 0.1 thick in inches


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